POE3 hunt gifts @ B&T Fashion Land

Hasi`s & B&T Atelier are participating in this years Peace on Earth grid wide hunt ( Dec.1- Jan.3 2011 ) and this are our hunt gifts:

Hasi`s hunt gift for POE3

Hasi`s hunt gift for POE3

B&T hunt gift for POE3

B&T hunt gift for POE3

For info and hints please touch the signs in front of our main stores

Happy hunting

hugs Hasi

B&T Fashionland Telehub


Hasi`s Patchwork Collection Vol.2

out now and at the moment only available @ our Xmas Market on our sim, my new Patchwork Collection “Jeans”

Patchwork Coll. Jeans

Patchwork Collection "Jeans"

all items sold separately to mix and match your special outfit, Boots from B&T are available on our Market Stall too.

Patchwork Beret & Scarf

Patchwork Beret & Scarf

Patchwork Lingerie & Top

Patchwork Lingerie & Top


Knit Tunic red

Patchwork Jeans ( open & low rise )

Patchwork Jeans ( open & low rise )

Patchwork Mini Skirt

Patchwork Mini Skirt

B&T Patchwork Boots

B&T Patchwork Boots "Jeans"

Patchwork Vest

Patchwork Vest

Taxi to our Xmas Market with 3 market stalls full of goodies and specials, nothing over 100L

Xmas Market

Hasi`s Main Store

Hasi`s Patchwork Collection

Here are the news from Hasi`s

brandnew and out now:
 Hasi`s Patchwork Leather and Fur Collection
 Leather Jeans in 2 versions, sculpted patchwork leather vest, patchwork leather cape
 and a sexy patchwork leather mini skirt.
 Vest , Skirt and Jeans also seperately sold !

Patchwork 1

Hasi`s Patchwork 1

patchwork 2

Hasi`s Patchwork 2

 For a limited time I sell the Patchwork Leather Mini Skirt for 10L as a Promo Bargain Offer incl. a Bonus Leather String

Patchwork Leather Mini Skirt 10L Promo

Patchwork Leather Mini Skirt 10L Promo & Bonus

Pls. have a look at the matching B&T Patchwork Boots too, available in my store and in more styles @ B&T  Shoes & Boots ( on our sim )

B&T Patchwork Boots

B&T Patchwork Boots

Taxi to Hasi`s

thx for your time and have a great day

hugs Hasi

Hasi`s & CHIC inc. new Sim Opening Specials

We would like to invite you over to our new location!!
Finally we have our own sim, Hasiland 😉
and can do whatever we want.^^ What a relief!!
Please feel free to watch and explore, there is so much to see!!

B&T Fashion Land

B&T Fashion Land

To celebrate the Grand Opening of our new main stores we have prepared some nice Opening Specials for you ( just 10L each)

Hasi`s Opening Special

Hasi`s Opening Special 10L

Hasi`s Opening Special : full sculpted Teddy Cape, Teddy Turtleneck Sweater & Knit Leggings

CHIC inc. Opening Special

CHIC inc. Opening Special Skin "Frankie"

CHIC inc. Opening Special Skin “Frankie” 3 skins incl., with and without freckles and hairbase &  additional hairbase (tattoo layer)

Make sure to check out all of the shops to find all the Opening Specials, Goodies and Gifts

B&T Fashion Land Map

B&T Fashion Land Map

TP to B&T Fashion Land:



CHIC inc.

Please enjoy and have fun on our new sim, hugs Hasi

CHIC inc. “Frankie”

Pls. welcome Frankie, out now in our main store, Skin 100L Promo ( Shape 250L )


Frankie (shape)

credits: Eyes CHIC inc., Outfit B&T, Hair (OH Hair), Bag & Fur Boots ( BUKKA)

CHIC inc. Main Store

Fashion Freaks Hunt 2

our store CHIC inc. is part of the FF2 hunt and this is our hunt gift:

“Elfie” our new skin incl. Tattoos ( Face & Body ) 2 skin versions with and without hairbase & cleavage.

Tattoos on tattoo layer for new viewers  incl.

For infos about the FF2 hunt pls. touch the sign in front of our store

thx and happy hunting


CHIC inc. Main Store

Grand Opening Ladybug Hunt @ B&T Fashionland

dear lovely bunnehs,
we have moved to a new location,
now our Opening and B&T 2nd Anniversary Event has started with many specials , goodies and our Ladybug Hunt (August 8th-August 15th)
Please find our 15 Ladybugs ( outside our stores ) filled with many brandnew stuff, and adopt them for 1L, 5L or 10L .
Pls have a look , here are some hunt items from Hasi`s & CHIC inc. :

hunt items

Hasi`s Hunt Items

Danielle Skin

Danielle Skin & Bonus Make up ( Tattoo Layer )

The hunt items are marked female ( f ) male (m ) and unisex (u)
Don`t forget to grab our opening goodies in our stores, please look for a pink sign.

Ladybug Hunt

B&T Fashionland Opening & Ladybug Hunt

Taxi to B&T Fashionland

Have a great day and happy hunting

hugs Hasi