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Hasi`s Mesh Jeans

yay, my new mesh jeans are out now in my store and available @ B&TMesh Studio too

5 standard sizes and incl. in each pack is a version to wear with heels.

Come and hop to my shop and try your free demo today

thx and hugs Hasi

Hasi`s HQ


Ice Cream Hunt @ B&T Fashion Blv.

ice cream hunt

ice cream hunt

thanks for your interest in our latest event to celebrate our
grand re-opening after the massive renovation of B&T Fashion Boulevard –
the B&T Fashion Boulevard Ice Cream Hunt 2012!!

All the designers at B&T Fashion Boulevard participate in this huge event
with 25 brandnew items ( mostly mesh ) exclusively made just for the hunt. Find their hidden
popsicles ( 25 ) and buy them for just 10 L$ each. Just wear and eat to get the
great goodie hidden inside. Look for them inside and outside our buildings.

For more info pls touch one of the hunt posters @ our place

B&T Fashion Boulevard Telehub

Hasi`s Wedge Boots

my first Wedge Boots are out now in my MainStore, available in grey and charcoal suede, black suede in every pack included ( except promo ).They are copy/resizable and SL2.0 ready ( alpha layer )

Hasi`s Wedge Boots

Hasi`s Wedge Boots

Promo 10L : The Special Edition in patchwork leather is available for this price for  the next 24 hours

Wedge Boots 10L Promo

Wedge Boots 10L Promo for 24 hours

come and hop to my shop to grab the Patchwork Boots for the Promo price  before they get back to regular price,

thx and have a great sunday

hugs Hasi

TP to Hasi`s

Hasi`s Patchwork Collection Vol.2

out now and at the moment only available @ our Xmas Market on our sim, my new Patchwork Collection “Jeans”

Patchwork Coll. Jeans

Patchwork Collection "Jeans"

all items sold separately to mix and match your special outfit, Boots from B&T are available on our Market Stall too.

Patchwork Beret & Scarf

Patchwork Beret & Scarf

Patchwork Lingerie & Top

Patchwork Lingerie & Top


Knit Tunic red

Patchwork Jeans ( open & low rise )

Patchwork Jeans ( open & low rise )

Patchwork Mini Skirt

Patchwork Mini Skirt

B&T Patchwork Boots

B&T Patchwork Boots "Jeans"

Patchwork Vest

Patchwork Vest

Taxi to our Xmas Market with 3 market stalls full of goodies and specials, nothing over 100L

Xmas Market

Hasi`s Main Store

Hasi`s Patchwork Collection

Here are the news from Hasi`s

brandnew and out now:
 Hasi`s Patchwork Leather and Fur Collection
 Leather Jeans in 2 versions, sculpted patchwork leather vest, patchwork leather cape
 and a sexy patchwork leather mini skirt.
 Vest , Skirt and Jeans also seperately sold !

Patchwork 1

Hasi`s Patchwork 1

patchwork 2

Hasi`s Patchwork 2

 For a limited time I sell the Patchwork Leather Mini Skirt for 10L as a Promo Bargain Offer incl. a Bonus Leather String

Patchwork Leather Mini Skirt 10L Promo

Patchwork Leather Mini Skirt 10L Promo & Bonus

Pls. have a look at the matching B&T Patchwork Boots too, available in my store and in more styles @ B&T  Shoes & Boots ( on our sim )

B&T Patchwork Boots

B&T Patchwork Boots

Taxi to Hasi`s

thx for your time and have a great day

hugs Hasi

Hasi`s Crash Tops

Dear lovely bunnehs,

here are the news from Hasi`s, Hasi`s Crash Tops:

10L Promo in black incl. leggings & pasties

Hasi`s Crash Tops Fatpack

out now in my Main Store @ B&T Fashion Land

Hasi`s new releases

Here come the news for this week, “Viola” in purple ( more colors coming soon )  available in my Main Store

Violacomplete outfit 14 pieces incl: Mini Dress with lil butterflies, Tutle Neck Sweater with Hoodie, Leggins and 2 berets with butterfly attachement ( optional ) with and without resizer.


Beret and scarf in velvet, 2 berets incl. (with and without resizer) and bonus butterfly attachement

Viola mini dress

Viola mini dress, sooo sexy with cute lil butterflies and sculpted skirt prim

Viola - Sweater

Viola – Turtle Neck Sweater with sculpted hoodie

I hope you like my new stuff 😉

Have a great day and happy shopping, hugs Hasi