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Ice Cream Hunt @ B&T Fashion Blv.

ice cream hunt

ice cream hunt

thanks for your interest in our latest event to celebrate our
grand re-opening after the massive renovation of B&T Fashion Boulevard –
the B&T Fashion Boulevard Ice Cream Hunt 2012!!

All the designers at B&T Fashion Boulevard participate in this huge event
with 25 brandnew items ( mostly mesh ) exclusively made just for the hunt. Find their hidden
popsicles ( 25 ) and buy them for just 10 L$ each. Just wear and eat to get the
great goodie hidden inside. Look for them inside and outside our buildings.

For more info pls touch one of the hunt posters @ our place

B&T Fashion Boulevard Telehub


Spring Festival & Butterfly Hunt

Spring Festival

Spring Festival @ B&T Fashion Land

B&T Fashion Land is proud to present you our big Event – the
“Spring Festival” & Butterfly Hunt

You are searching for 40 cute little Butterflies hidden somewhere in
or outside the shops on our Sim
Search for it and buy the cuties
for 1 L and get cool brandnew  stuff e.g. clothing (male &
female ) shoes/boots, accessories, skins,shape, make ups ( female), complete outfits and more…
The Butterflies are marked female (f) male ( m) and unisex (u) or female/male/unisex

Participating stores are:
B&T Atelier
B&T Alternative & Street Wear
B&T Shoes & Boots
Woman(ity) cosmetics
Hasi’s &

The Event  will run from April 21  till May 7th.

Come and grab our free cute Tank Top in the pink bag near the Event Poster and
happy shopping &  hunting!!
 Thx and hugs
  B&T Fashion Land Team
 Tommi, Babylee, Hasi & Gelsi

Taxi to B&T Fashion Land

Hasi`s @ the Peephole

Hasi`s is proud to be a part of the 16 designers this month at the Peephole.16 top designer present every month one of their creations for the special peephole price of 66L$

This is Hasi`s Special for this month @ the Peephole for 66L

Hasi`s Peephole Special
Hasi`s 66L Peephole Special Outfit
The Peephole

Come to the Peephole and grab a free gift too

Taxi to the Peephole

Hasi`s Wedge Boots

my first Wedge Boots are out now in my MainStore, available in grey and charcoal suede, black suede in every pack included ( except promo ).They are copy/resizable and SL2.0 ready ( alpha layer )

Hasi`s Wedge Boots

Hasi`s Wedge Boots

Promo 10L : The Special Edition in patchwork leather is available for this price for  the next 24 hours

Wedge Boots 10L Promo

Wedge Boots 10L Promo for 24 hours

come and hop to my shop to grab the Patchwork Boots for the Promo price  before they get back to regular price,

thx and have a great sunday

hugs Hasi

TP to Hasi`s

10L Winter Sale – last day

last day of our 10L Winter Sale on B&T Fashion Land in all stores

winter sale

10L Winter Sale

Hasi`s Dotty

10L Promo

Hasi`s cozy sweater dress 10L

10L Hasi`s Cozy Sweater Dress

so pls. hurry and grab our bargains before they go back to regular price

thx and hugs Hasi

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Happy New Year

I wish all my friends and customers a Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Fill your life with Happiness & Bright Cheer,
Bring to you Joy and Prosperity for the whole Year,

And it’s my New Year wish for you Dear.
Wishing you and your loved ones a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR

New Year Dollarbie is waiting for you in my Main Store

thx and Happy New Year again

Hasi`s Disco

Hasi`s Disco - New Year Dollarbie


hugs Hasi

POE3 hunt gifts @ B&T Fashion Land

Hasi`s & B&T Atelier are participating in this years Peace on Earth grid wide hunt ( Dec.1- Jan.3 2011 ) and this are our hunt gifts:

Hasi`s hunt gift for POE3

Hasi`s hunt gift for POE3

B&T hunt gift for POE3

B&T hunt gift for POE3

For info and hints please touch the signs in front of our main stores

Happy hunting

hugs Hasi

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