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Spring Festival & Butterfly Hunt

Spring Festival

Spring Festival @ B&T Fashion Land

B&T Fashion Land is proud to present you our big Event – the
“Spring Festival” & Butterfly Hunt

You are searching for 40 cute little Butterflies hidden somewhere in
or outside the shops on our Sim
Search for it and buy the cuties
for 1 L and get cool brandnew  stuff e.g. clothing (male &
female ) shoes/boots, accessories, skins,shape, make ups ( female), complete outfits and more…
The Butterflies are marked female (f) male ( m) and unisex (u) or female/male/unisex

Participating stores are:
B&T Atelier
B&T Alternative & Street Wear
B&T Shoes & Boots
Woman(ity) cosmetics
Hasi’s &

The Event  will run from April 21  till May 7th.

Come and grab our free cute Tank Top in the pink bag near the Event Poster and
happy shopping &  hunting!!
 Thx and hugs
  B&T Fashion Land Team
 Tommi, Babylee, Hasi & Gelsi

Taxi to B&T Fashion Land