Hasi`s Wedge Boots

my first Wedge Boots are out now in my MainStore, available in grey and charcoal suede, black suede in every pack included ( except promo ).They are copy/resizable and SL2.0 ready ( alpha layer )

Hasi`s Wedge Boots

Hasi`s Wedge Boots

Promo 10L : The Special Edition in patchwork leather is available for this price for  the next 24 hours

Wedge Boots 10L Promo

Wedge Boots 10L Promo for 24 hours

come and hop to my shop to grab the Patchwork Boots for the Promo price  before they get back to regular price,

thx and have a great sunday

hugs Hasi

TP to Hasi`s


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