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Hasi`s Crash Tops

Dear lovely bunnehs,

here are the news from Hasi`s, Hasi`s Crash Tops:

10L Promo in black incl. leggings & pasties

Hasi`s Crash Tops Fatpack

out now in my Main Store @ B&T Fashion Land


South Africa Specials

This are our specials to celebrate the Soccer world cup in South Africa:

Lingerie & 2 Special Danielle Skins available @ CHIC inc.

South Africa Special by Hasi`s

South Africa Special 3 by CHIC inc. & Hasi`s

Our Specials are available only in our Main Stores @ B&T Fashion Land and available for 50L for single skins and 100/ 150L for complete packs and outfits

TP to CHIC inc.

TP to Hasi`s

Have a great weekend

Hugs Hasi