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Bunny Hunt & more goodies

Choco Bunny Hunt @ Hasiland & B&T Fashionland

Choco Bunny Hunt

Our big Choco Bunny Hunt has just begun!! :))
Search for 15 choco bunnies hidden all over our places outside the buildings ( in our garden ) and adopt
them for just 1 L$.

 Our bunnies are filled with complete outfits, shoes, boots, furniture,
skins and more. The bunnies are a little excited and try to hide, so give them some time
to rezz.

Our Hunt will run from April 1st till April 6th.

TP to our Places: Hasiland

B&T Fashionland

Cupcakes Easter Egg Hunt

This are my hunt gifts for the big Cupcakes Easter Egg Hunt,

find my 3 eggs in/or around my little store and grab each egg for 0L  here:

welcome gift

I have set up a new subscriber kiosk and this is my new welcome gift. Pls. feel free to join Hasi`s subscriber update group ( no group slot needed ) and grab this welcome gifty 😉

Hugs and Happy Easter

yours Hasi

Hasi`s Main Store


Hasi`s News

Dear lovely bunnehs,

here are the news from Hasi`s

my new main store

my new Main Store is up and running and this are my opening goodies :

opening goodie 1

Mini Dress 10L

opening special 2

Opening Special Outfit ( top, tunic and leggings) 30L

basic lingerie nude rose

Basic Lingerie 1L

all items are only available in my Main Store for this special price till next friday.

I would be happy to welcome you to my new place and hope you will have a great time shopping and just being there.
Hugs Hasi