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Hasi`s news

I am finally done setting up my new Main Store 

Hasi`s Main Store

and here are some new releases and my new “Offer of the week”

offer of the week

Hasi`s offer of the week

Hasi`s Black Mamba

Hasi`s " Black Mamba "

Hasi`s Snake Leggings

Hasi`s Snake Leather Leggings

Hasi`s Schleifchen

Hasi`s "Schleifchen" Lingerie

My new Outlet Building and my Building for sexy stuff and lingerie are located in my garden

Hasi`s Tattoo & Pasties

Hasi`s Tattoo & Pasties 10L offer

Hasi`s Tattoo & Pasties offer for 10L is available in my stores and on my cart at the Car Wash Sim too

Have a great day, hugs Hasi

Hasi`s Main Store


Hasi`s Goodies

Hasi`s is part of the great
Washes Cart Sale on Car Wash and The Wash Sim.
All Designers there offers so many great stuff — nothing over 10L !

Here are some pics of my stuff i offer for 10L:

Hasi`s Cookie

Hasi`s Hoodie

Hasi`s sexy dress

pls. click for full size

our carts at the Car Wash Sim

Direct TP to the Car Wash Sim:

Washes Cart Sale