Monthly Archives: September 2009

Creative Sellers Oktoberfest

oktoberfestJoin our Oktoberfest @ S.O.S. Mall you will find a lot of goodies and specials from the members of the Creative Sellers Group for special prices.

You can grab my Edelweiss Outfit there for a special price and 2 other goodies too



Now we have Oktoberfest in Germany ( Munich ) and my new release is out now and it`s called Edelweiss ( a flower from the mountains) I hope you like it

edelweissvendorit`s with a sculpted skirt prim mod and with resizer ( 2 versions inside ) so you can wear the leather shorts as a mini skirt too.Come hop to my shop and grab yours today

Pretzel Hunt

sorry, a little bit late , Hasi`s is part of the grid wide Pretzel Hunt and Duckie Hunt

slinfopretzelhuntgiftduckiegiftHappy Hunting